Winners of the 2018 contest are marked below in the list of finalists!

Selected readers made choices for the finalists in each of nine categories (listed below). Voting was online only. We also printed physical “ballots” with a QR code to the online voting.

We had booths at the Wakamatsu Tea Festival in Placerville, Tea PDX in Portland, the Devan Shah Tea Festival in Los Angeles, the Midwest Tea Festival in Kansas City, and the Northwest Tea Festival in Seattle.

What Posts Qualified

Any post by a currently-active regular (non-guest) contributor.

Voting Began

An online ballot became “live” in time for World Tea Expo: June 10.

Voting Ended

Voting continued until a week after the Northwest Tea Festival: October 6.

How to Vote

Voting happened online.

Winners Announced

Winners were announced at the Chicago Tea Festival: November 1-3.


Prizes included $100 for winners in each category.

(Please note that posts by T Ching staff do not qualify for entry.)

2018 Writers Contest Finalists & Winners

Places We Like

ChooArt Villa, Ifang Hsieh
– Winner! – Brewing Tea With Wild Water, Regena Rafelson
A Chiki Little Matcha Bar Opens, Holly Helt
Rose Tree Cottage, Ifang Hsieh
Harding Intsik in Manila, Ifang Hsieh


What is the Best Way to Store Your Matcha & Japanese Green Tea?, Kei Nishida
– Winner! – Our Routines and Our Rituals, Dharlene Marie Fahl
Narendra Kumar Gurung on Developing Local Tea Production in Nepal, John Bickel
The Bamboo Whisk With a 500-Year History, Holly Helt
Tea, In a Big Way!, Dharlene Marie Fahl

Product Reviews

What is Tokonome Yaki Teapot and Why Does Tea Taste Better With This Kyusu?, Kei Nishida
What is Chaga?, Whistling Kettle
Smoked Exotica, Dharlene Marie Fahl
Meet the Master Chef of Shampoo!, Holly Helt
– Winner! – Top 10 Tea Books of All Time For Tea Lovers, Kei Nishida

Tea Industry

China Tea Fairs, Dan Robertson
Natural and Artificial Flavors, Whistling Kettle
An Uncertain Future for Tea: Lesson from the 2018 Global Tea Initiative Symposium, Elyse Petersen
Tea and the Concept of Experience Economy, John Bickel
Shining the Spotlight on Great Japanese Cultivars, Holly Helt
– Winner! – Darjeeling Strike: The Aftermath, Elyse Petersen

Tea Education

What Is Candle Bush Tea, Kei Nishida
– Winner! (Tied) – Shiraore or Karigane?, Alexander Sanson
– Winner! (Tied) – 50 True Facts about Green Tea and Health, Kei Nishida
Green Tea 101: Health Benefits Made Simple, Holly Helt
Japanese Tea vs Indian Tea – 10 Battles You Don’t Want to Miss, Kei Nishida

Health and Well-Being

The Caffeine Issue, Holly Helt
DIY Beauty Products Made With Green Tea, Kei Nishida
– Winner! – At What Age is it Safe to Give Your Child Tea?, Regena Rafelson
Best Teas For Inflammation, Whistling Kettle
Tea and the Immune System, Whistling Kettle


In Praise of the Braise, Robert Wemischner
– Winner! (Tied) – You Can Eat Your Tea!, Jennifer Cook
La Vie en Rose Tea, Robert Wemischner
10 Ways to Enjoy Green Tea with Milk, Kei Nishida
– Winner! (Tied) – Chai to Remember, Robert Wemischner


– Winner! – Tea Towel & A Yayoi Kusama Exhibit, Ifang Hsieh
Georgia Tea Is Back!, Regena Rafelson
The Mad Hatter’s Tea Party – Everything But Tea!, Regena Rafelson
Meeting Online Tea Friends, John Bickel
Online Social Networking Related to Tea, John Bickel


Growing and Processing Tea Plants at Home, John Bickel
– Winner! (Tied) – Disarm Them With Tea, Regena Rafelson
Tea Rituals, Dharlene Marie Fahl
– Winner! (Tied) – Ochazuke, Ifang Hsieh
What My Tea Says To Me: Love, Jennifer Cook