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Magnum opus: tea club

My greatest achievement thus far, if you were to ask me, would be the formation of the Hood River Valley High School Tea Club. The origins of the club are shrouded in mist, obscured by great clouds, and blocked out by the unknown

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Teen tea club

“Rafe, we want to start a tea club. Will you be our advisor?” I was staring at one pink scuff slipper and one turquoise scuff slipper jammed onto impossibly huge feet. The speaker’s hair looked just like he had put his…

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Aunt Tea’s advice column

Dear Aunt Tea,My wife, a recovering psychologist, tells me I have HTSD, or Hoarding Tea Stuff Disorder. I have 17 Tetsubin pots; a purple clay pot for each green tea I drink – that would be 11; a couple gai wans, a...

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