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Tea at sunrise

As final arrangements are put into place for the upcoming World Tea Tours’ Tea Tour of Fujian, I’m still warmed by the illuminating memory of my visit to Darjeeling in December of 2011.

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Exploring Fujian teas

For nearly 5,000 years, tea has been an integral part of Chinese life, eventually spreading worldwide by sea. The coastal Fujian province was one of the first places that developed and provided tea to the foreign market. The southern Fujian port of Xiamen (ancient Amoy)…

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Elephants, crocodiles, and deer, oh, my!

The island nation of Sri Lanka is perhaps better known to tea lovers as Ceylon. Before the rust blight of 1869, Ceylon was known for its coffee plantations. Commercial tea production had only just begun…

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Journey to the East

As the China Tea Tour group prepares to set sail in a few weeks, I’m reminded of other explorers who traveled to foreign lands.  There is a famous Chinese epic about an unlikely group of characters who band together...

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China Tea Tour® 2011

Tea tourism is becoming an ever-more intriguing idea as tea lovers and business people desire a more personal and in-depth experience of tea. Governments are adding tea tourism arms to their tourism bureaus. International...

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