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Nepal earthquake: tea reaches out

Two devastating earthquakes occurred in Nepal between April 25 and May 13. Words fail to describe the loss of life, damage to thousands of sites secular and sacred, injury – and the difficulty for victims accessing fresh water, food, medical attention, and basic supplies.

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Tea travels

Tribute teas were prepared for the emperors. To do that, the leaf plucked had to be of the finest type which were then shaped by the most skillful fingers of the artisans. It was this message that Austin Hodge carried to India during his first trip to India during March of 2015. His message was heard loud and clear by the Tea Board of India and Tea Research

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Last chance to vote for T Ching!

Don’t you hate those on-line surveys which ask you to do one thing, and just a click and a half later you are in a maze of self-help windows? Just one tentative click – and Whooooosh. The survey to nominate the Bests,

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