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Tea sheeples: Why we need tea education in the United States

Everything I know about tea, I learned. Deep, right? I began my tea journey with Bigelow’s Constant Comment. No, I’m not getting on my “bagged tea tastes like crap” high horse here. I drank it for years and was happy…

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Quality standards for tea – A collaborative effort

Tea is quickly becoming the hip connoisseur product, following a path that is very similar to that blazed in the wine and coffee industries decades ago. With a growing demand for high-quality teas, it is difficult to understand, as a buyer, how to determine which…

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Tea and wine: Vintages and terroir

A common lament from foodies, farmers, and culinary writers is that many of us have become too far removed from the origins of our foods. We have no tangible connection to the land, the farms, and all of the uncertainties…

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