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Tea/vanilla/lobster, a trio of deliciousness

When this festive time of year rolls around, it’s time to pull out all the stops to create a symphony of tastes on the plate. Look no further: here is the winning combination– fragrant vanilla bean and luxurious lobster united by good black tea

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Gifts for the tea-o-phile

Giving gifts can be wonderful for both the recipient and the giver. Think about some of the cherished gifts you have received . . . isn’t it delightful how a thoughtful gift brings to mind the one who gave it? On the other hand, when you think of silly – or thoughtless – gifts

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Building a teahouse

I’m at a very exciting part of my life, because I’m getting to do something I’ve always wanted to do – create a teahouse. After a year of rapid growth my tea import company,

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Three Years Medicine: Aged White Tea

When I moved to China in 2010, I had already been interested in tea for about seven years. I had served tea to lots of people all over the world in a purely gregarious sense, and also in a professional capacity

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