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Tea with a local twist

In my last post for T Ching in December, I wrote about our plans to move our retail store from a plaza to an old downtown tourist area. However, after spending more time looking at the layout of the space and the traffic flow on…

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Bringing together a world tea family

The Tea Board of India recently announced that they would be using social media to promote tea culture around the world. My startup, Tealet, has built a strong network of independent tea growers from nine countries…

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Too much information, not enough tea

At our business, I am the official Tweeter. Part of that is having people / companies follow you and deciding if you want to follow them back. One company I follow is Entrepreneur Magazine. Lately, though, I’m reconsidering…

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World Tea Expo: Next year!

After reading my tea buddy Naja’s post today, I was inspired to write about the World Tea Expo from another perspective – that of someone who had to miss it this year.  The year 2004 was my first Expo and then...

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