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Teanagers – Back to school

Is it just me, or can you feel Fall In The Air? The 105 degrees – and CLIMBING – air. It’s only been a week since we drove my daughter back to college and already I see kids sweating in their new back-to-school turtlenecks and I’m buying Halloween decorations.

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An online contemporary teapot exhibit

In many Asian countries, the annual ritual of spring cleaning is carried out during the Lunar New Year holiday. After moving to the States, my family found Thanksgiving weekend most suitable for observing this tradition…

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Separation anxiety

I’d like to share with you the separation anxiety I am suffering through.  It is not because of my separation from a loved one, from the place I called home for the last five years, or from working at Rishi, but...

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Art and tea

Art.  Tea.  Is there a connection?  Surely tea is an art, especially when one looks at the elaborate traditional tea rituals some cultures have.  But can art relate to tea?  Most definitely.Most people are familiar with some of...

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Infusion options

What’s your favorite way to infuse tea?  This question of how people infuse their tea or how they feel they need to infuse their tea is an important one to me as I search for ways to make loose-leaf tea as accessible as...

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