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ITCC Explores Defective Tea

Continuing with it’s tradition of exploring the finer aspects of our favorite brew, the most recent ITCC Cupping Event focused on gaining a better understanding of the effects of the processing steps in tea making.

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Tea sheeples: Why we need tea education in the United States

Everything I know about tea, I learned. Deep, right? I began my tea journey with Bigelow’s Constant Comment. No, I’m not getting on my “bagged tea tastes like crap” high horse here. I drank it for years and was happy…

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A Taiwanese tea workshop in Singapore

Just a few weeks ago, I attended a Taiwanese Tea Workshop. It was run by two tea-loving friends, Hongyuan and Jacquelyn, who recently set up a little tea education outfit called Pekoe & Imp. They’d been regaling me with lovely tales of their Taiwan tea…

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Getting an education in tea

I was at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco a couple weeks ago, and had a great time talking to tea people and foodies who are tea curious.  I kept getting the same questions I’ve heard repeated over my 5+ years in the...

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