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Tribute teas were prepared for the emperors. To do that, the leaf plucked had to be of the finest type which were then shaped by the most skillful fingers of the artisans. It was this message that Austin Hodge carried to India during his first trip to India during March of 2015. His message was heard loud and clear by the Tea Board of India and Tea Research

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Bringing together a world tea family

The Tea Board of India recently announced that they would be using social media to promote tea culture around the world. My startup, Tealet, has built a strong network of independent tea growers from nine countries…

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World Tea & Coffee Expo 2013 in Mumbai

From February 15-17, Mumbai was host to The World Tea & Coffee Expo 2013, which featured over 100 exhibitors from eight countries and highlighted the tremendous potential of the Hot Beverages sector – both in India and…

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Hong Kong International Tea Fair and Competition

This past August I was honored to be invited to participate in the annual Hong Kong International Tea Fair as both a presenter and a judge in the International Tea Competition. Organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development…

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