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Teabags: the gateway brew

Whole leaf enthusiasts know the exquisite difference between a cup of carefully steeped whole leaf – part ritual, part alchemy, part spirituality – and half careful attention to detail. We also know how convenient tea bags are. In desperate circumstances, we will buy a

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Tea sheeples: Why we need tea education in the United States

Everything I know about tea, I learned. Deep, right? I began my tea journey with Bigelow’s Constant Comment. No, I’m not getting on my “bagged tea tastes like crap” high horse here. I drank it for years and was happy…

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Will coffee outpace tea in China?

Sadly, rather than creating their own symbols of success, such as artisan-crafted gaiwans, young, upwardly mobile Chinese are choosing instead to adopt the western trappings of success, most prominently iPhones and Starbucks…

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The end of time?

There are a lot of things that need to come to an end – the world, however, not being one of them. Seeing as we all woke up with the blessing of another day on December 21, 2012, perhaps it is time to reconsider competition…

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Starbucks will bring better quality to the tea market

The news that Starbucks purchased Teavana for six hundred and twenty million dollars was stunning. The tea industry doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. There had been a very lively and interesting conversation…

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Moving on with tea

We are about to close the door on one phase of our tea life and move onto another. For us, this has been a place to learn about and refine what works in tea retailing. Now we are looking at new locations that we believe…

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Amidst the openings and the closings, the dream lives on

Lots of buzz in the world of tea these days! And we love it all! Some stores are closing, some are opening, some are being acquired, and some are still living in the heads and hearts of tea lovers…

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Falling into fall

It’s that time of the year again, my all-time favorite time – fall! Here in Oklahoma, the weather has finally changed from the horrible 110 degrees that was our everyday reality during the summer to a beautiful 70-80 degrees…

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Specialty tea retailing 2011

As you know if you’ve read my other posts for T Ching, my passion is not only tea, but the business of tea – and not just owning a tea shop, but growing a concept.  It has been my experience to be part...

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