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A day in Alishan – revisited

My friend and I arrive in the town of Shihzhuo, Taiwan by bus. The sky is clear and the mountain air tastes sweet on my lips. A small downtown commercial district is situated along the main highway. Across the street I see a western style mini-mart

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Global Tea Hut: the exquisite black dragon

Almost exactly one year ago, I was witnessing an Oolong maker in Taiwan drip with sweat as he darted around two adjoining rooms to roast, measure and taste tea. Normally, he spoke quickly and with great enthusiasm. That day, he was more extreme

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Fractured fairytale: the history of tea in Taiwan

If tea drinkers were asked to list their favorite teas and then told afterward that their tea choices provided a peek into their personalities, many would concede that there are plausible connections.

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Tea Sage Hut: Global Tea Hut’s center in Miao Li, Taiwan

Baisao was an eighteenth century tea sage whose bright spirit illuminates our tradition in more than name alone. A Zen monk for most of his life,

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