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We all love tea, we may just see it differently

If we’re here as contributors, readers or both, it’s most likely because we are fans of tea. Chef Wemischner loves to be creative with tea in recipes. Ifang Hsieh enjoys traveling and finding new tea experiences. Michelle Rabin appreciates the health and relaxation benefits

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WANTED: managing editor/entrepreneur

I am looking for a teacentric creative to help expand T Ching beyond its impressive current blog position as the #1 tea blog on the internet. We would love having someone from the T Ching community join the team as we bring T Ching to the next level. This opportunity has unlimited potential.

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Youth choose TEA

When I started T Ching back in 2006, it was a direct result of my growing awareness about the health benefits of tea. Those of you who ever clicked on “about us,” are aware of this mission: “T Ching was born out of a concern for the declining state of health in the United States and abroad and the recognition that drinking tea was a simple and effective

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Flashback Friday: grow your own!

Curious enough – or serious enough – about Camellia sinensis to try growing your own? Even the thought of such a venture brings back fond memories of my father’s culinary adventures. The homemade root beer phase was a real hit with the neighborhood kids, especially since Dad bottled the brew in “stubbies,” or eleven ounce glass beer bottles.

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Happy Holiday – a T Ching toast!

May your tea be planted, propagated, plucked, and processed with love for the Earth and all her creatures. May the water for your brew remember its time among the airy clouds, falling as fresh rain, and rushing down a mountain as a merry babbling brook.

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