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The memorial service for Steven Smith

My dad, born in 1917, was a guy who used handkerchiefs. Along with hats, handkerchiefs were his constant companions. I remember on a bad allergy day, he would wave the hankie out the window while driving the car to help dry it out. One particularly stuffy day in Florence, Italy, we noticed cars pulling over and letting us pass. Apparently a white flag

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Teabags: the gateway brew

Whole leaf enthusiasts know the exquisite difference between a cup of carefully steeped whole leaf – part ritual, part alchemy, part spirituality – and half careful attention to detail. We also know how convenient tea bags are. In desperate circumstances, we will buy a

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The Bucks gets loose

For well over year now, a small, but important, transformation has been in the works.  Starbucks – reliable coffee beacon to some, small business-squashing villain to others – has decided to upgrade their Tazo...

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