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western quality season

Sri Lanka’s Dimbula region always inspires me. This beautiful region is found in the western part of the island. While the Dimbula region is home to some excellent tea producing sub districts such as the Golden Valley, upper Kotmale,

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The surprising tea of Myanmar

When I was planning to visit Sri Lanka, many friends asked me to bring back some black tea for them. In the end, I changed my plans, deciding instead to visit Myanmar. When my friends heard of my change of plans…

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A visit to Sri Lanka’s oldest tea garden – Loolecondera

“His first and last love was tea” reads a plaque at the Ceylon Tea Museum. In 1852, James Taylor arrived in Sri Lanka with the mission to explore the agricultural possibilities of tea on the island. The life of such a pioneer tea planter…

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Elephants, crocodiles, and deer, oh, my!

The island nation of Sri Lanka is perhaps better known to tea lovers as Ceylon. Before the rust blight of 1869, Ceylon was known for its coffee plantations. Commercial tea production had only just begun…

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