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We all love tea, we may just see it differently

If we’re here as contributors, readers or both, it’s most likely because we are fans of tea. Chef Wemischner loves to be creative with tea in recipes. Ifang Hsieh enjoys traveling and finding new tea experiences. Michelle Rabin appreciates the health and relaxation benefits

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Marriages made in tea and dessert heaven

During my recent presentation at the World Tea Expo in Long Beach, CA., I paired five teas with five sweets proving that sometimes our preconceived notions can be turned upside down. I know implicitly that smoky black teas work beautifully with dark chocolate in a dessert and delicate white teas bring out the best in fruity baked concoctions like the

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Tea-ing gratefully

Tea has taken me on a journey to many actual destinations but above all to a place of calm–quiet, restorative, relaxing and solitary. The mere act of taking time to brew a proper cup of tea from fresh, premium quality leaves calms me, centers me, focusing my attentions away from the stresses, intensities

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Tea in another form: A jewel of a gelée

What’s better than a fresh-out-of-the oven scone? Give up? A fresh-out-of-the-oven scone spread with tea gelée. Take your favorite tea, brew it, sweeten it lightly with either honey or sugar, and then set the liquid with a bit of gelatin. Allow to cool, refrigerate and

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Gifts for the tea-o-phile

Giving gifts can be wonderful for both the recipient and the giver. Think about some of the cherished gifts you have received . . . isn’t it delightful how a thoughtful gift brings to mind the one who gave it? On the other hand, when you think of silly – or thoughtless – gifts

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