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Gong fu tea tips

Do you remember the very first gong fu experiment we ever did? It is an important one, and as we have mentioned many times it is important to repeat all these experiments several times. In our first experiment, we poured tea into a cup and then poured half of that into an identical cup, and half of that into a third.

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The alchemy of tea

A huge part of my job as a tea importer trying to establish Chinese tea service as a cultural practice in America is drawing analogies. This is quite easy when it comes to the tea itself – good tea, like good wine, beer, chocolate, coffee, liquor, or pretty much

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A thought on tea energy

Chaqi (茶气), literally means “tea energy,” and is a frequently used word by Chinese tea people. This important characteristic of good tea goes beyond other characteristics such as taste, smell and shape. But what is Chaqi?

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The surprising tea of Myanmar

When I was planning to visit Sri Lanka, many friends asked me to bring back some black tea for them. In the end, I changed my plans, deciding instead to visit Myanmar. When my friends heard of my change of plans…

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Why I like tea

I was first introduced to Chinese tea by my good friend, Mr. Lin, who is the owner of a printing company.  I met him when I moved to Taiwan five years ago and we have enjoyed a good business relationship and friendship ever...

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The qi of tea

Keeping warm in the winter can be a challenge, especially being a California girl stuck in a Wisconsin winter.  During these dark and cold months, I look to tea to help keep my body warm and create warming and stimulating qi...

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