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Greetings from the managing editor

It is with mixed feelings that I become the managing editor of T-Ching. On the one hand, I’m delighted and excited; on the other hand, I fill big shoes: Erika Cilengir has done a terrific job building the site to the number one tea blog.

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TimeEnergyAttentionThese are the elements of TEA.Time to sit quietly;Energy to boil and brew;Attention to the aroma and flavor.TimeEnergyAttentionWhere in life do we find these gifts?Time to listen to someone;Energy in our...

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The yin of tea

Where is my Yin?Was it left in the tin,Along with the teaSo much needed by me?I feel the need for a change.The Yang of this life,The stress and the strife,The fire and action,The expression of passion;When will it ever end?When...

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Just tea

Just give me tea,Clear beautiful tea,In all of its amber simplicity.Please pour me some tea.Just plain, you see.Add nothing, not even philosophy.I have come for a cup,To cheer me up,Nothing more do I require.Let me just sip.I...

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Summer leaves

The summer breezeHolds scents of leaves,Near and far away. It brings to mindFriendly tea times,As gentle birches sway. Hot tea in warm weather?Some would not bother,But look around the globe. India, Asia and...

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Tea matters

Nothing matters.The bills to pay;What others say;The traffic and the tensionOf living in convention;The thoughts and the stressWhich can make us all depressed.Nothing really matters that much.Tea matters.Carving a space in...

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Tea Kitty

Come to tea my kitty,So I am not alone.Come to tea my kitty.Would you take part of my scone?Maybe you would like a dropOf tea in your saucer of cream.A quiet and attentive friend,You surely are a dream.Come to tea my kitty,Let...

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