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Importance of seedling

There are an infinite variety of tea bushes found around the world. With the aid of modern science, planters have been looking at harvesting tea from certain types of bush found desirable for their specific needs. Some of these specifics are:

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western quality season

Sri Lanka’s Dimbula region always inspires me. This beautiful region is found in the western part of the island. While the Dimbula region is home to some excellent tea producing sub districts such as the Golden Valley, upper Kotmale,

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Adding spice to our lives

Chai Iced Tea, Chai Latte, Chai, Chai. The name seems to be in every coffee or tea shop these days. The word Chai is a Hindi word that means funnily enough means tea. The cup of tea with spices that we have come to love and know, is the way many millions of Indians enjoy their cup of tea.

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Gifts for the tea-o-phile

Giving gifts can be wonderful for both the recipient and the giver. Think about some of the cherished gifts you have received . . . isn’t it delightful how a thoughtful gift brings to mind the one who gave it? On the other hand, when you think of silly – or thoughtless – gifts

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tea is king but water quality is GOD

Tea is the worlds second most consumed beverage, behind water. To make a cup of tea, however, one needs water. Recently I met up with a good friend who is also a customer of PMD. We sat down at his house and he brewed up a cup of our Silver Tips.

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The Appu and the Omelette

When learning about tea I was sent to Westhall estate in Nawalapitiya to learn the field practices from a very senior planter. He and his wife hosted me at their bungalow – I was their creeper* – for a short period of time.

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