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Steepist: Think inside the box

Four beautiful pouches of whole leaf tea, complete with load-your-own environmentally friendly tea bags, arrived on my doorstep a few weeks back, from Steepist. I was reminded that a wag once said, “Freedom is the absence of choice.”

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Pesticides? Not in my tea!

Those of us who are part of the organic movement are painfully aware of the hazards of pesticides in our foods. Because we perceive tea to be a healthy beverage, we might not think about pesticides being associated with the produce.

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Global Tea Hut: Affecting Change

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human one. Everywhere you go you can’t help meeting people who are more spiritually aware of concepts like equanimity, mindfulness, compassion, Being, presence, meditation, surrender, forgiveness and so on.

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Benefits of buying organic

When you buy organic tea you support the organic tea movement. Full stop. What is it that you’re supporting? Your purchase supports organic farmers who have the integrity of the earth in mind.

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A Delicious Cup of Matcha

As the founder of T Ching, I am in the delightful position of being solicited to review countless tea products. When it’s tea, however, I have one critical question that must be answered in the affirmative; is your tea organic?

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Honest Tea is actually honest

I don’t drink bottled tea. I’m not a tea snob – yes I am – I just don’t drink bottled anything. However, I will admit, if my KOR water bottle’s empty, I’ll buy whatever has the least sugar in it. Sometimes, that’s Honest Tea.

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Tea pesticides and the sustainable future

Even though I have written about pesticides and tea before, I wanted to address the subject again because once again the issue is in the news with Celestial Seasonings getting busted by the same group that busted…

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