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A Taiwanese tea workshop in Singapore

Just a few weeks ago, I attended a Taiwanese Tea Workshop. It was run by two tea-loving friends, Hongyuan and Jacquelyn, who recently set up a little tea education outfit called Pekoe & Imp. They’d been regaling me with lovely tales of their Taiwan tea…

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The tea I almost passed on

Our friends over at Teaity posed an interesting question a couple of weeks ago via their Facebook page. “What tea did you formerly hate, but now love?” I thought it was such a great question…

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Tea, just tea

In last month’s post, I wrote about the joys of sharing tea with friends at the perfect tea party. One of the comments on the post remarked that so often when people discuss tea, they talk about what to eat with the tea…

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The history of tea in Taiwan: A fractured fairytale

If tea drinkers were asked to list their favorite teas and then told afterward that their tea choices provided a peek into their personalities, many would concede that there are plausible connections. Personal in nature, our choices might reflect taste…

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