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The importance of staying connected

A few months ago, a hardware failure prevented me from accessing the Internet for two whole days. As I was not vacationing in the wilderness or at sea, this inadvertent loss of connectivity did not confer peace…

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A tea delegation to Taiwan

At the end of June 2012, Indian Tea Board Chairman Bhanu led a high-powered tea delegation, comprised of members of the ITA, UPASI, DTA, and Exporters Association, to Taiwan. I was lucky enough to be a part of this…

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Stories about my favorite oolong teas

I love oolong teas for their flavor, complex character, sweet aroma, and stories. Chinese folklore seems to have a story for every tea invented. I enjoy learning how royalty from China and abroad have discovered teas…

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Gaoshan cha

Gaoshan cha (high-mountain oolong tea) is primarily what has put Taiwan on the global tea map and stamped it as a premier region of fine quality and unique specialty teas.  Although there are other classic and renowned teas...

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