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Making tea: Almost an end in itself

For the longest time, I thought cycling was one of the dumbest sports around. Wearing tight spandex and seated in an awkward position while feeling the rattling of metal against my spine sounds about as enticing as drinking tea…

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Tea and health

In a previous post, I talked about MayKing Tea’s goal, which was to collaborate with other businesses.  This month I want to talk about collaborating with health professionals.  I have held several seminars with...

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An introduction to tea

Drinking tea is an activity that has been enjoyed throughout the centuries.  But for those of us curious about this activity, it raises many questions.  How long have people been drinking tea?  How much caffeine...

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Teahouse trends: 2010 Top 5

Winter is by far my favorite time of year to reflect upon our successes and not-so-successful efforts at the teahouse during the year, and this year has yielded a few surprises in terms of trends. In no particular order, here...

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