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A Disappointment and a Consolation

As much as I enjoy trying a new tea spot, sometimes a return to the familiar is even better. All week I had looked forward to dropping by Matcha Box, the first tea bar in Los Angeles devoted exclusively to matcha. I am still missing…

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LA’s “Restaurant Week” Features Tea Desserts

One would think that for a cosmopolitan city like Los Angeles, its bi-annual dineLA Restaurant Week event would have a decades-long history. Not so. The very first Restaurant Week was held in 2008, less than ten years ago.

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Tea on the Space Shuttle?

At 11:56 AM on Wednesday, September 21, I received this text message from my friend, Adriana: “Endeavour just passed, very close n flew slowly. It’s SOOOO COOL…!” I was sitting inside an enclosed space; the Jane Austen…

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Tea aisles and everyday smiles

My mornings, afternoons, and evenings are consumed with tea. When I have a friend over, I brew tea. After a refreshing walk, it’s time for iced tea. After a long, hard day at work, I’m ready for a warm, sweet, chocolaty tea…

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