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A word or two about tea bags

The period from 1904 to 1908 was a bellwether one for tea in the United States, or for those with more traditional tea-drinking habits, the beginning of the end of the practice of enjoying properly prepared tea…

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Tea bags or loose-leaf tea? One man’s journey to enlightenment

When buying tea, you are faced with a choice: tea packed in tea bags or loose-leaf tea? Let’s start with tea bags. The little paper sachets of tea are undeniably convenient. Storage is very easy. Making a cuppa is very easy…

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Exciting times for tea

In November of 2009, contributor to this blog, Charles Cain, told us he had discovered the “Starbucks of Tea,” a race that seemed to be taking shape in the industry. And he said it was . . . Starbucks.

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Tea sheeples: Why we need tea education in the United States

Everything I know about tea, I learned. Deep, right? I began my tea journey with Bigelow’s Constant Comment. No, I’m not getting on my “bagged tea tastes like crap” high horse here. I drank it for years and was happy…

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Tea in Germany: U.S. Food and Beverage Industry take note

A quiet – and very positive – revolution is underway in Germany. Tea is slowly chipping away at coffee’s stronghold at the table and doing so with a finesse that is truly admirable…

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Tea-blending advice . . . from 1894

Tea blends come about for love or money. Some blends are classic creations shared across millennia, while others are the secret formulas of tea growers and merchants hoping to capture the affections of tea drinkers with their exclusive blends.

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The retail tea journey: Finding our new home

Last month, my post was about looking for a new home for our retail store. This month I’m happy to say we found it … or rather, it found us! When it’s right, it’s just right. Before the clock strikes midnight on…

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