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A walk down the tea aisle

For many readers of this tea blog, checking in on the tea industry means attending events like the recently held World Tea Expo or reading the latest issues of the Tea or Fresh Cup magazines. If your interest in tea has brought you in contact…

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Tea in a coffee world

On a business trip recently, I went with my colleagues to a fantastic little coffee shop in Silicon Valley called Chromatic Coffee. My colleagues were very excited about the way they grind, brew, and pour the coffee…

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Moving on with tea

We are about to close the door on one phase of our tea life and move onto another. For us, this has been a place to learn about and refine what works in tea retailing. Now we are looking at new locations that we believe…

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Learning about tea

I’ll admit something; until a few years ago, I didn’t know what tea was.  When I was around three years old, I thought it was a type of coffee.  By the time I was five, I thought it was a powder you mix into water.  Sure, it can...

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The Bucks gets loose

For well over year now, a small, but important, transformation has been in the works.  Starbucks – reliable coffee beacon to some, small business-squashing villain to others – has decided to upgrade their Tazo...

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Tea predictions for 2010

2010 will likely be an interesting year.  We seem on the verge of so many changes socially, politically, economically, and environmentally.  Will the recession of the last couple years result in a REAL change in the mentality of...

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