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Japanese tea cupping

We were sent some premium estate direct teas last week from a company based in Kyoto, Japan who follows us on Twitter.  They were also highly recommended to us by a respected speaker for the Specialty Tea Institute.  A...

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Korean teas

Everyone talks about the good old days, but in truth, I am still too young to have a firm opinion as to whether the past might have been better than the present.  But what if there were a way to travel back to an older...

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A trip to the Green Teaist

Just north of Chicago lies the prosperous suburb of Lake Forest.  This quiet place is the surprising home of a boutique Japanese tea house with French flair – the Green Teaist.Anyone with a penchant for o cha would not be...

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2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

Ad for the 2020 International Virtual Tea Festival

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