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A tea review – Gokujo Hojicha

I always get excited when I hear about a new tea shop opening. Ippodo in New York City looks and sounds like something right out of Japan. Upon further investigation, I’ve learned that this is the first Ippodo to open outside of Japan

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Japanese tea cupping

We were sent some premium estate direct teas last week from a company based in Kyoto, Japan who follows us on Twitter.  They were also highly recommended to us by a respected speaker for the Specialty Tea Institute.  A...

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Korean teas

Everyone talks about the good old days, but in truth, I am still too young to have a firm opinion as to whether the past might have been better than the present.  But what if there were a way to travel back to an older...

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A trip to the Green Teaist

Just north of Chicago lies the prosperous suburb of Lake Forest.  This quiet place is the surprising home of a boutique Japanese tea house with French flair – the Green Teaist.Anyone with a penchant for o cha would not be...

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