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Zen and the Japanese tea ceremony – continued

Starting from being welcomed by merchants, that fact that Wabi tea was accepted by samurai seemed to have played a more important role for the development of the Japanese Chanoyu.

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Zen and the Japanese tea ceremony

My last post asked the question: what do you think about the critiques which assert that the relationship between Zen and Japanese culture – introduced by D.T Suzuki in his classic work of Zen and The Art of Tea – is largely a product of the invention of tradition?

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UNBAG the green tea Kit Kats! Uji Matcha celebrated

In The New Yorker article entitled Flipping Supreme, the owner of Unique Hype Collection, an NYC retail establishment, recounted one of his business ventures:

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Omotenashi in the Japanese Tea Ceremony

When you enter any place as a customer or guest in Japan, you’ll quickly notice that everyone seems to be at your service. It almost makes you feel that you have done them a favor just by visiting!

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Tea as inspiration

Last year I was inspired to design a set of symbols to commemorate Japanese culture in New York and the 100th anniversary of Japan’s donation of cherry trees to the United States. One of the symbols I designed was a…

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