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Tea ceremonies in the western hemisphere

This week at T-Ching, we are examining the tea ceremony. Monday’s post by Lisa Dong examined the aspect of romance in the ceremony. On Tuesday, Derek Chew provided an analysis of the tea ceremony as an inclusion into the wedding ceremony.

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A unique aspect of Singaporean tea culture

Since I run a tea shop in Singapore, my overseas friends sometimes ask me what uniquely characterizes our local tea culture. Singapore, along with Malaysia and Hong Kong, represents a meeting point between eastern…

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Afternoon tea with Lady Sippington

Within the first few months of working at Ahmad Tea, I had the privilege of meeting graphic designer and tea enthusiast, Lady Sippington (the alter ego of English expat, Nina Daryanani, named by her friends and family after her…

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Tea culture shock

I grew up in the American Midwest, and in doing so had limited exposure to tea as I know it now.  But it seems in switching between styles of tea, you can get a bit of a culture shock without even leaving your home.  It’s...

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