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Tea with cheese or chocolate, anyone?

As a tea lover and crusader for tea’s versatility, I was thrilled to experience the hush that blanketed the room when I recently presented two seminars at the second Los Angeles International Tea Festival. Instead of talking…

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Roast tea for an iced summer drink – going from hot to cold

With summer just around the corner, strong, freshly brewed tea on the rocks becomes my drink of choice. But not just any tea. As a chef who is never content to leave well enough alone, I have set out to experiment by taking good-quality…

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Japanese tea cupping

We were sent some premium estate direct teas last week from a company based in Kyoto, Japan who follows us on Twitter.  They were also highly recommended to us by a respected speaker for the Specialty Tea Institute.  A...

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Thoughts of autumn

I may be rushing the season a bit, but now that Labor Day is behind me, I’ve started thinking about my favorite fall dessert – pie.  Rich, crumbly apple pie, hot from the oven, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on...

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Lapsang Souchong

Every five or six years, I have a student who drives me crazy.  The journey is short, mind you, so I work very hard at a good defense.  “Never smile during the first three weeks of school” is my motto, and my creed is “You can...

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