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cleaning teaware: bathing the immortals

You can tell a lot about artisans by how they care for their tools. The same can be said of a musician and her instruments, or a chef and his knives. Just as a master of any skill or craft can be distinguished from an amateur by that singular, effortless grace known to the Chinese as gong fu,

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American Chinese teaware

The art of gong fu cha, the Chinese tea service, is generally practiced using a specialized tea set. Collectively called cha ju (or equipage by people who insist on using French), the instruments of gong fu cha encompass a whole spectrum of diminutive, elegant, precisely-crafted little bits and bobs.

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A short tea retreat

A few months ago, a Christian retreat center contacted me, asking if I was interested in giving a one-day tea retreat since I seemed to be so into tea, and I had also co-authored a book, Quiet Journeys, which is about the value of guided silent retreats.

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The simple joys of a glass of green tea

Tea can be as complicated as you want it to be – what with its rituals and myriad details to handle. At the same time, it can be a simple delight. Being of Chaozhou (home of gongfu tea) descent, I fuss over the little details and…

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Hidden gem

On a recent trip to California, I decided to stop in Santa Cruz and enjoy the sea air for the afternoon. After some time wandering about on the cliff paths and taking photos of the wildflowers, I headed into town to check out a new tea shop…

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