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Fractured fairytale: the history of tea in Taiwan

If tea drinkers were asked to list their favorite teas and then told afterward that their tea choices provided a peek into their personalities, many would concede that there are plausible connections.

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The demise of Tongmu Lapsang Souchong

Tongmu Village, high in the Wuyishan Mountains in Fujian Province, is the birthplace of black tea. It is Lapsang Souchong that made this area famous, with it’s strong smokiness giving rise to a fixation for many people, including Sherlock Holmes, the very archetype of obsession.

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27 steps of Wuyi tea art

Oolong tea is considered by some connoisseurs to be the ultimate in the art of tea. Not just its manufacture but also the way in which it is enjoyed.

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Exploring Fujian teas

For nearly 5,000 years, tea has been an integral part of Chinese life, eventually spreading worldwide by sea. The coastal Fujian province was one of the first places that developed and provided tea to the foreign market. The southern Fujian port of Xiamen (ancient Amoy)…

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Two styles of white tea

I hated my first white tea experience. It was a Lipton white tea blend in a tea bag and it put me off of white tea for years. Then I had real white tea: Silver Needle. Made with tea buds, Sliver Needle tea brews a rich delicate liquid…

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Tea wedding favors

Last month, after 20 years as a single mom, I got married to the most wonderful man. My wedding is not something I thought I’d ever blog about, but central to our celebration were our two respective loves – music and tea…

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Why Tie Guan Yin tea?

Yesterday, a tourist came to our tea store asking for Tie Guan Yin tea.  I was curious about why she flew from Northern to Southern China for this tea, so I asked her.  She explained that in her city a lot of people...

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Nearly every day, my friends forward to me 15 to 20 mass-distributed emails, which they, in turn, have received from their friends.  Surprisingly, a number of these emails are related to tea.In one such email – containing...

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