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Honest Tea is actually honest

I don’t drink bottled tea. I’m not a tea snob – yes I am – I just don’t drink bottled anything. However, I will admit, if my KOR water bottle’s empty, I’ll buy whatever has the least sugar in it. Sometimes, that’s Honest Tea.

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Sustainable tea gift packaging – Branded designs for holiday and corporate gift sets

With the holiday season beginning earlier every year, it’s never too soon to start planning for ways to take full advantage of the growing popularity of tea as a must-have gift for holiday shoppers. A beautiful tea gift set…

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Fair Trade Tea: Part 1

Fair Trade has been a passion of mine since I began working with farmer cooperatives in Peru and Belize in 2007. Originally, I went to the Amazon to conduct linguistic research, but was struck by the limited opportunities...

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Why buy fair-trade tea?

October is fair-trade month.  Fair trade works to provide a living wage for farmers and artisans in the global market.  Since tea is an important fair-trade crop, I decided to explore the history and benefits of buying...

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