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10 Best English Lit Books To Read While Drinking Tea

Everyone’s done it at least once. Make themselves their comfort tea (masala chai on my end or a really deep oolong), grab a blanket, and curl up with a good book. But what to read? Never fear: this nerdy girl has got the answer! Here is a list of great pieces of English Literature you should check out next time you need something to pair with your Earl or Lady Grey.

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Demand better tea service

I may be ranting to the choir, but I am disappointed that it is still too hard to find a good cup – let alone a good pot – of loose whole-leaf tea in restaurants and cafes.  Often, I count myself lucky if I can find...

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Winter tea tastes

One of my favorite pastimes is to try different types of tea.  Recently, I discovered a set of tea bags in winter flavors.  The boxes advertised four types – Ginger Snappish, Pumpkin Spice, Eggnogg’n, and Apple...

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Tea as story-telling lubricant

My sister and I still call her Nana.Our grandmother will be 90 next month.  Although sharp as a tack, she’s nearly blind, mostly deaf, and her knees don’t work very well after a lifetime of dancing and golfing.  She...

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