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10 Best English Lit Books To Read While Drinking Tea

Everyone’s done it at least once. Make themselves their comfort tea (masala chai on my end or a really deep oolong), grab a blanket, and curl up with a good book. But what to read? Never fear: this nerdy girl has got the answer! Here is a list of great pieces of English Literature you should check out next time you need something to pair with your Earl or Lady Grey.

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Unflavourable conditions

I would like to say here that I have no significant problems with flavored teas. I’ll drink whatever chocolate-rasberry-mocha rooibus you offer me, if I’m in the mood. What is Earl Grey if not just a very common flavored tea? Smokey Lapsang Souchong? Jasmine green tea? Flavoured tea is delicious, especially when paired with light, cafe-fare foods such as macaroons or little delicate cakes

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Inquiring minds ask questions about specialty tea

A wonderful, kind, amazing man, known as The Candyman, David Klein, the originator of something you’ve all probably enjoyed – Jelly Belly jelly beans – invited me to join his Internet board of entrepreneurs recently. There is an interesting and wonderful interactive

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Where’s the tea?

Tea Vodka? Tea ice cream? Tea chocolate? Almost every section of the supermarket has a tea product representing taking one’s tea “outside the cup.” This ubiquity doesn’t stop with food products.

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Reassurance that the tradition of a proper afternoon tea is here to stay

June is quite a busy month for me … and it’s not over yet! In my role, I’m constantly getting calls about sponsoring this event or that charity.

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Them, tea, and me

In the early summer of 2013, I decided to make tea for an assembled group of my friends. We had just come together to celebrate the last day of school. I had tasked it upon myself to carry a full tray of tea upstairs, unassisted.

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