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How tea retail works

With the growing interest in tea, many tea lovers have chosen to follow their passion in becoming a tea retailer. Some may have dreams of wealth and fame, but the honest truth is that it’s a hard business and the only thing keeping them motivated is their love for tea.

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Reassurance that the tradition of a proper afternoon tea is here to stay

June is quite a busy month for me … and it’s not over yet! In my role, I’m constantly getting calls about sponsoring this event or that charity.

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David’s Tea: The new “Starbucks” of tea?

I’m always on the lookout for new tea blends – encountering a new tea blend piques my curiosity. A few months ago, when I was in San Francisco attending the Fancy Food Show, I visited a mall and noticed a small…

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Afternoon tea with Lady Sippington

Within the first few months of working at Ahmad Tea, I had the privilege of meeting graphic designer and tea enthusiast, Lady Sippington (the alter ego of English expat, Nina Daryanani, named by her friends and family after her…

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