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ITCC at WTE in LB . . . and other acronyms

For tea lovers attending the World Tea Expo in Long Beach May 6-8, ITCC (International Tea Cuppers Club) will host their 6th Annual Cup Warming event. This year, the tea tasting social will be conducted on the main events stage on Friday, May 8, from 1:00 – 2:00.

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TBF: Real fake Anshun?

With its endless mountains, abundant rainfall and pure environment, China’s Southwest Guizhou (Gway Joe) province is a perfect location for growing tea bushes. However, despite a long history of tea cultivation, the province is little known in the West. Even within China it takes a distant back seat to other places like Yunnan, Sichuan, Fujian and Zhejiang.

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The world of tea comes to Xiamen

The Second Annual ITCC Cup Warming at the Xiamen International Tea Fair was held before an audience with a voracious interest in tea. With distinguished presenters

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Darjeeling comes to Eastern Europe

With lots of states breaking away from what had been the former USSR and regrouping as Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, the ensuing economic prosperity has made it possible for the middle class…

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In search of the Indian end of the old tea horse road, or Cha Ma Gu Dao

The first two Sundays of 2013 were spent in search of our (the Indian) end of the “old tea horse road” – a story that will now be covered by the CCTV’s “Tea Road” project. This took me to Daling Fort on the silk route leading from Lhasa…

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A sip of Sereni-Tea

Tea is for sharing, stories are for sharing, and books are for sharing. People do not choose the tea industry randomly nor does tea choose anyone without a greater purpose. Why did you choose tea…

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A tea man without tea

It so happened that I lost my luggage on my flight to America and I was feeling rather naked. But the tea community at the World Tea Expo 2012 in Las Vegas last month accepted me as is. In fact, my fellow tea people…

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