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Steepist: Think inside the box

Four beautiful pouches of whole leaf tea, complete with load-your-own environmentally friendly tea bags, arrived on my doorstep a few weeks back, from Steepist. I was reminded that a wag once said, “Freedom is the absence of choice.”

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The myth of clouds and mist

I love Chinese tea stories. They always contain mystical elements. Recently, I discovered a Chinese green tea called “Clouds and Mist” or “Yunwu.” It tastes completely different from any green tea I have ever tasted. Yes, it has…

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My tea story

When I meet someone who’s “into tea,” it is enlightening to find out exactly how their journey with tea got them to where they are now. How did they get from Lipton to a fine Bi Luo Chun? When did they transition…

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Dragon Well – The best and the worst of Chinese green tea

Dragon Well, or Long Jing, was what sparked my love affair with tea. When I first tried Dragon Well a decade or so ago, I realized “that’s what tea’s all about.” In fact, I blame Dragon Well for the fact that I usually order coffee…

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