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Icewine tea!

Icewine tea is a special wine-infused tea found in Canada. It’s extremely fruity, sweet, and light, but with a strange but refreshing coldness to it, like eating a fruit salad off a glacier.

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Worried you missed the boat?

In the 12 years since I opened my first tea lounge back on that hot, dusty day in Edmonton, I had a vision of an industry whose trajectory would replicate that of our darker cousin.  I had the sense – after less than...

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Tea latte art steps up to the cup

Latte art has become a very cool phenomenon in the coffee house industry.  With perfectly textured milk poured into rich espresso shots and finished with a barista’s insignia, it’s no wonder people line up for a latte made to...

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Growing tea on Vancouver Island

I guess it was somewhat inevitable – my destiny so to speak.  With the revelation that I possess a thoroughly green thumb and a lifelong love of the tea leaf in all its forms and manifestations, I now find myself on a...

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The decade that tea woke up

May 3, 1999 – Edmonton, Alberta.  Steeps – the Urban Teahouse opened its doors for business on a hot and dry prairie morning – 1000 square feet, 28 seats, 78 teas, 2 pies, 2 cakes, 3 kinds of cookies, date squares, and an...

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