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The demise of Tongmu Lapsang Souchong – part 2

The trade of black tea accelerated with the opening of the port Xiamen in 1684. In 1732, Liu Jing, the mayor of Changan county, currently Wuyishan City, set an area of 600 sq kilometers with Tongmu at the center as the only authentic area where black tea was produced.

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The demise of Tongmu Lapsang Souchong

Tongmu Village, high in the Wuyishan Mountains in Fujian Province, is the birthplace of black tea. It is Lapsang Souchong that made this area famous, with it’s strong smokiness giving rise to a fixation for many people, including Sherlock Holmes, the very archetype of obsession.

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Exploring Fujian teas

For nearly 5,000 years, tea has been an integral part of Chinese life, eventually spreading worldwide by sea. The coastal Fujian province was one of the first places that developed and provided tea to the foreign market. The southern Fujian port of Xiamen (ancient Amoy)…

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What tea was thrown overboard into Boston Harbor?

I often see statements that the tea thrown overboard in Boston Harbor was from India because the tea belonged to the East India Company. But the tea aboard the three British ships docked there on the evening of December…

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