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Tea sheeples: Why we need tea education in the United States

Everything I know about tea, I learned. Deep, right? I began my tea journey with Bigelow’s Constant Comment. No, I’m not getting on my “bagged tea tastes like crap” high horse here. I drank it for years and was happy…

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A walk down the tea aisle

For many readers of this tea blog, checking in on the tea industry means attending events like the recently held World Tea Expo or reading the latest issues of the Tea or Fresh Cup magazines. If your interest in tea has brought you in contact…

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Tea with a local twist

In my last post for T Ching in December, I wrote about our plans to move our retail store from a plaza to an old downtown tourist area. However, after spending more time looking at the layout of the space and the traffic flow on…

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Reeling in the customer with eye-popping packaging

As a marketer, one of my (more fun) tasks is to review and analyze product packaging. I’m lucky to work in an industry where design and creativity are just as important as functionality. My experience has led me to…

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