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A brief outline of standards for Specialty Tea

Since last November, I have been talking to a broad spectrum of people about standards for quality. Through these discussions, I have interacted with a wide and varied demographic – from consumers to producers and every group in between. What has been most surprising to me is just how many people had only a vague idea about what

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The specialty tea manifesto

The tea industry is a fifty billion dollar a year business whose fastest growing sector is called ‘Specialty Tea.’ ‘Specialty Tea.’ must be defined to establish value and give meaning to the term.

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Tea travels

Tribute teas were prepared for the emperors. To do that, the leaf plucked had to be of the finest type which were then shaped by the most skillful fingers of the artisans. It was this message that Austin Hodge carried to India during his first trip to India during March of 2015. His message was heard loud and clear by the Tea Board of India and Tea Research

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What is specialty tea?

Among my peers in the tea industry there are many discussions taking place about the definition of terms like specialty tea and the use of terms like “real tea.” In his recent post, A Call for Standards, Austin Hodge brings up this very subject – which can take you down a rabbit hole of tradition and semantics.

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Fear and loathing on Wuyi Mountain

Austin Hodge has already written a fantastic article about Zheng Shan Xiao Zhong that contains all the historical information you could reasonably want to know about the topic. I suggest you all read it before proceeding.

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Darjeeling comes to Eastern Europe

With lots of states breaking away from what had been the former USSR and regrouping as Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries, the ensuing economic prosperity has made it possible for the middle class…

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