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Tea bags or loose-leaf tea? One man’s journey to enlightenment

When buying tea, you are faced with a choice: tea packed in tea bags or loose-leaf tea? Let’s start with tea bags. The little paper sachets of tea are undeniably convenient. Storage is very easy. Making a cuppa is very easy…

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New findings or old information rehashed?

Ever wondered globally how many websites are devoted to tea? Unlike politics and religion, tea incites rather acquiescent discussions.

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Is tea research all it is cracked up to be?

There are many reports of research carried out on various types of tea to determine their effectiveness in combating weight gain, cancer, heart disease, and so on. But just how much of this research is meaningful…

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Taking tea as ritual

We have many rituals that we participate in every day; just think about your mornings. Do you have certain routines you follow daily? Brushing one’s teeth might be such a ritual. How we wash ourselves in the shower…

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January is green tea month

Every year, as the calendar page turns, a bright, shiny New Year arrives and along with it comes a plethora of online, magazine, and newspaper articles on how to improve your health and lose weight in the coming year. Culturally, we go…

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Green rooibos – A gem

We’re sniffing out (literally and figuratively) great teas and herbals all the time. That’s part of our very fun and rewarding career in specialty tea retailing. One of the best possible experiences is when you find that gem, that jewel…

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The limits of tea’s health benefits

Tea is healthy for you, an admirable quality in a beverage that so many tea lovers find enjoyable for its aroma, flavor, and visual appeal. The health benefits of tea allow us to drink tea as a pleasure, not a “guilty” pleasure…

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One, two, tea

I’ve been going through some challenging times in my life lately – upheaval in my career, a hard drive crash, lots of travel, and stress.  However, over the past month or so, things have begun to get...

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