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Tea bags or loose-leaf tea? One man’s journey to enlightenment

When buying tea, you are faced with a choice: tea packed in tea bags or loose-leaf tea? Let’s start with tea bags. The little paper sachets of tea are undeniably convenient. Storage is very easy. Making a cuppa is very easy…

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Starbucks will bring better quality to the tea market

The news that Starbucks purchased Teavana for six hundred and twenty million dollars was stunning. The tea industry doesn’t seem to know what to make of it. There had been a very lively and interesting conversation…

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Specialty tea retailing 2011

As you know if you’ve read my other posts for T Ching, my passion is not only tea, but the business of tea – and not just owning a tea shop, but growing a concept.  It has been my experience to be part...

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In defense of competition

Too many in the specialty tea industry are fighting a gentleman’s battle, and losing as a result.  Many tea shops are doing a rather poor job of appealing to all existing tea lovers, much less converting new ones.  As I...

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