T Ching Contributing Writer

Robert Wemischner is a long-time pastry chef and educator and the author of four books including Cooking with Tea (co-written with Diana Rosen, published in 2000). He has long championed the use of tea in cooking and baking, appreciating the sometimes subtle but memorable flavor that the leaf brings to dishes – both sweet and savory. He has taught professional baking in Los Angeles at LA Trade-Tech College for almost 30 years and presented numerous tea and food pairings (tea with chocolate, tea with cheese) at the major tea festivals (World Tea Expo, LA International Tea Festival, San Francisco Tea Festival, and others) throughout the country over the last two decades. 

He has enjoyed teaching about the culinary uses of tea to tea aficionados and tea professionals alike as a guest chef on luxury cruise ships, and has written widely on this and other food related subjects for magazines including the American Culinary Federation’s National Culinary Review, Pastry Arts, Pastry Chef, and Dessert Professional, among others. Believing strongly in the concept of lifelong learning, Robert is always ready to taste teas that he has never experienced before with an unquenchable desire to find a culinary use for them, whether in or with the food.

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