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Maria Uspenski‘s love of tea was fostered at an early age by her Russian family. Later, as an undergraduate student in Paris, France, she was introduced to many more varieties than the traditional black teas of her childhood. During stints as a ballet dancer and athlete, Maria began to discover the health benefits of tea. Fast forward to 2010. Maria is now the Founder and CEO of The Tea Spot, educating the public as well as her two daughters on ways to enjoy tea to enhance a healthy lifestyle. Her message is simple and powerful – tea in its freshest form renders exceptional flavor, unmatched health benefits, and is eco-friendly.

A certified woman-owned and operated business, The Tea Spot produces innovative and patented products to modernize the loose-leaf tea experience. The award-winning Steepware® line promotes the ease of loose tea preparation. The Tea Spot’s line of microblended loose teas includes organic and Fair-Trade Certified™ estate teas as well as handcrafted signature blends. The company is committed to clean, sustainable, and fair manufacturing standards.

Maria’s inspiration to start The Tea Spot grew out of her passion to foster wellness for cancer survivors through full-leaf tea. She had the entrepreneurial skills necessary to put her plans into action. Her 20 years in management, marketing, and product research and design came from her work with IBM, Control Data Corporation, and EcoSoftware, a computer systems engineering firm that she founded and operated. Under Maria’s leadership, EcoSoftware sustained a consistent 30 percent annual growth rate during its eight-year existence. Lockheed Martin named it their “Supplier of the Year” in 1999. Maria sold the firm in 2000. An MIT mechanical engineer, she is listed on three U.S. patents – one for her work with IBM and two for The Tea Spot’s line of Steepware™. Her engineering and business expertise now make it easier for us all to steep up the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea.

Based in Boulder, Colorado, The Tea Spot’s culture of social entrepreneurship incorporates a culture of giving as it grows – ten percent of every sale is donated in-kind to cancer and community wellness programs.


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