T Ching Managing Editor and Contributing Writer

Jaelithe Crislip has a degree in Computer Science and a background ranging from professional photo editing to IT support to web development & UX design. She fell into the tea industry more or less by accident, when she answered a Craig’s List ad to volunteer to be T Ching’s Managing Editor. Her role grew from there, as she took on additional tasks including redesigning the logo, redesigning and developing the website, designing any print media, and keeping the website maintained.

While she always enjoyed tea, Jaelithe’s deep and abiding love for tea actually started with two things: studying herbalism and minoring in Japanese. Learning the various uses of herbs for healing purposes started her on the path of loose teas and her exposure to Japanese culture and green tea came from learning the language. The two overlapped, and now she enjoys all things tea. Working for T Ching has caused her to switch from bagged to loose tea, as well as an increase from one cup in the morning to at least two pots per day.