Are you interested in publishing articles on T Ching?

Publishing articles on T Ching is an opportunity to develop your identity and professionalism in the world of tea or as a food writer or travel writer. While we do not currently pay for articles, T Ching is a resource to begin your career as a writer. But some of our categories do not require that you are a professional wordsmith. 

The Most Important Requirement:

Your article be about tea and be in an area of interest for our readers.

Because we cover many diverse categories, you can share your content in areas specific to your expertise. Some of our most popular categories are listed below. And the video is a recorded Zoom webinar recorded in 2021. 

  • Brewing Basics
  • Cooking With Tea
  • Tea Lifestyle
  • Tea Ceremonies
  • Festivals and Events
  • Health & Well-Being
  • Fun-With-Tea Activities
  • Themed Tea Parties
  • Herbal Teas & Herbalism
  • Teas of the World
  • World Tea Cultures
  • . . .  and more!

How To Be Published on T Ching


Familiarize yourself with the content and structure of the website. Make sure that you are likely to be a good fit.

Contact introducing yourself, your experience, some sample topics you would like to publish and a sample of your work.

Tell us why you are interested in writing for T Ching and what you believe you can add to our community.

If approved, submit an original article. Use the regular submission form.

Your article will probably be scheduled within 1-2 months unless it is more relevant to a later date.

Becoming a regular or featured writer on T Ching is by invitation from the editorial staff.

Themes & Topics;  Must be about tea!

But, our definition of tea is broad and includes more than just Camellia sinensis (true tea). In fact we publish many articles about herbal teas and contemporary tea trends. We offer many different areas of focus, or “Categories.” Please familiarize yourself with our categories and consider where your work best fits. You may publish in more than one area of interest. If you are not sure into which category(s) your submission best fits, please discuss it with us at the time of your submission.

We consider it our responsibility to our readers to offer wide-ranging subjects and also to promote tea events and festivals, and a community spirit. 

Requirements; Consider the Reader’s Experience

  • Your article must be your own original work.
  • If you are a blogger, it is acceptable to adapt a published piece using best practices and change at least 25% or the original version. Creating a version for T Ching that links back to one of your blog posts is a good practice. For example, you may be publishing a very in-depth series of articles on your own site and have an overview or introduction on T Ching that links to your site. 
  • Articles should be between 500 and 1500 words. Poetry, art images, and video are, of course, not held to a word count but it is acceptable to combine various media formats in one article. For example, a “Cooking With Tea” video demonstration could include the recipe and any additional notes about what inspired you. Alternately, this could be an opportunity to mention a similar recipe on your own site and link to it. 
  • Links & References: We encourage you to support your work by citing resources. But it is also helpful to you and T Ching to link mention and link to previously published TC articles, creating a powerful SEO network.
  • Images: Please submit articles with images and additional media. Please use images you created or ones that you acquired from the artist and have their permission to use. If you are using images in the public domain, please let us know. Always provide image sources/credits, they will be included at the end of the post.
    • You MUST have permission to use images – OR – they must be creative commons with commercial use allowed.
    • If you are not able to provide images with your submission, we can usually assist you with providing images or with requesting permissions from outside sources. 
  • Your work cannot be published or posted anywhere else before it’s on T Ching.
    • It may be posted elsewhere (such as on your own blog or website) AFTER it’s on T Ching, so long as there’s a link back.
  • Links to other websites are okay if it’s topically relevant and if they are not red-flagged by Google.
  • Completed posts should be submitted as a .doc/.docx or Google Drive document link, plus any images or links to images. We will review it, and if we think it a good fit for T Ching we’ll let you know what day we’ve scheduled it and provide a link.

Components of a Good Article – Readability that encourages engagement

  • Clear and Specific Topic that can be expressed in a single keyword or short keyword phrase. 
  • Title (required) – Your title should clearly introduce your topic. Using active language gives readers a clear idea of what you’re writing about. 
  • Clear Opening Paragraph – (keyword phrase) Reading an article online is different than curling up with a good book. A dynamic opening paragraph should give an overview of your article and help readers decide if they want to continue. 
  • Headings – Breaking up a page of text with 2-3 headings makes your article more readable on various devices. Readers are more likely to read complete articles when they see where it’s going and are curious about your conclusions.
  • Media (minimum 1 image required) – Energize your article with photos, other images, video or even audio.