• Must be about tea!
  • Your own original work.
  • Ideally between 300 and 500 words.
    • Longer posts will be split to span multiple days, in a “… – Part 1″,”… – Part 2”, etc. format.
  • Always provide image sources/credits, they will be included at the end of the post.
    • You MUST have express permission to use images – OR – they must be creative commons with commercial use allowed.
  • Provide information sources when appropriate.
  • Can NOT already be published or posted anywhere else before it’s on T Ching.
  • May be posted elsewhere (such as on your own blog or website) AFTER it’s on T Ching, so long as there’s a link back.
  • Links to other websites are okay if it’s topically relevant.

Completed posts should be submitted as a .doc/.docx or Google Drive document link, plus any images or links to images. We will review it, and if we think it a good fit for T Ching we’ll let you know what day we’ve scheduled it and provide a link.

Freelance Contributors

Guest/freelance contributors are welcome to include a short blurb (around 50 words) about yourself/your company with links to go at the end of the post.

Regular Contributors

If you find contributing to T Ching to be a valuable experience, please consider becoming one of our regular contributors! We only ask for a commitment of one blog post per month, and ideally we would like a minimum one-year commitment.

In exchange, we offer the following:

  • A photo and bio will be added to our Contributing Writers page.
  • You will have an author page with your photo and bio, and links to all your T Ching articles.

    Please contact us here if you have additional questions or are interested in contributing to T Ching. In the meantime, happy sipping!