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10 Best English Lit Books To Read While Drinking Tea

Everyone’s done it at least once. Make themselves their comfort tea (masala chai on my end or a really deep oolong), grab a blanket, and curl up with a good book. But what to read? Never fear: this nerdy girl has got the answer! Here is a list of great pieces of English Literature you should check out next time you need something to pair with your Earl or Lady Grey.

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Gong fu tea tips

Do you remember the very first gong fu experiment we ever did? It is an important one, and as we have mentioned many times it is important to repeat all these experiments several times. In our first experiment, we poured tea into a cup and then poured half of that into an identical cup, and half of that into a third.

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Tea story continued

This is Part 2 of Michael’s tea story. You can click the first link in the first sentence, or the link at the end of this post to read the first installment.

The rest was history, after drinking my first cup of Jasmine I was hooked on loose leaf tea. I would drink my cheap Jasmine tea every day, experimenting with different steeping times to find what I liked best. The next step for me was ordering loose

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